1From the light cappuccino to the cold cappuccino: the most famous varieties

We have already talked to you about how to prepare the perfect cappuccino and about the importance of using the correct movements while foaming the milk. Now let’s see how to make the most popular versions in the world of this drink, starting with the light and dark cappuccino.

Light cappuccino and dark cappuccino
The light cappuccino is nothing more than a cappuccino with a smaller quantity of espresso: a lighter variety, perfect for those who prefer a softer more delicate flavor.
The dark cappuccino, in contrast to its light sister is distinct from the original recipe in that it contains a greater quantity of espresso. There are two possible ways of preparing it:
● the first consists of pouring less foamed milk into the cup, taking care not to fill it to the top (as a reference, you can consider about half an inch less than the classic version).
● Whereas the second requires the preparation of a longer espresso, to which the foamed milk will be added