Tayna with super poses

Renowned rapper, Tayna is expected to soon come in a new collaboration with rapper Mozzik and singer, Butrint Imeri.

But, nevertheless, the rapper from Prizren has shared some detached images from the shooting of the new clip where she, as every other time, looks in good shape and very seductive

Even recently, the creator of the hit “Sicko” posted some photos where she is seen wearing a long dress made of blue satin material, while emphasizing her cleavage and seductive legs in a special cut. In some of the poses, Tayna is seen lying on a sofa as she emphasizes the stunning body lines for which she is constantly known and commented on.

Numerous have been the comments and likes from her numerous fans on her Instagram account where she counts over one million followers.
Meanwhile, Tayna is currently enjoying the success of another collaboration with rapper Marini.
The project titled “Alpha & Omega” has already garnered over five million clicks on the official YouTube channel.